May 27, 2020

The Mood in Detroit

"Welcome to Detroit" Photo.
“Detroit – City Limit” Photo.

The mood in Detroit was different this week. Different than anything I have experienced in the last 12 years. For the longest time Detroit has very much had a wall around it, outsiders beware. This year seemed different. Of course with the changes that the big three have seen over the past year-GM closing once viable brands, Chrysler in bed with Fiat and Ford with the strongest product line in years and one that shows no signs of slowing down, the world is a different place. You got this impression from not only talking to the manufacturers and suppliers but also the people of Detroit.


The climate and mindset has changed in the people of Detroit. They understand that the car business has radically changed right before their eyes. They understand the challenges and opportunities in front of them. They also understand that this may be the last chance they have.


Now is the time for the manufacturers and suppliers of Detroit to take advantage of the situation that they are in. Unloved brands and debt have been slashed, new technology and platforms are being introduced and quality is at its highest in years.


Some of the best cars Detroit has made in years are now being made. I hope the public is paying attention.

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