May 26, 2020

Porsche Panamera – Parked Curbside

Picture of the new Porsche Panamera parked curbside in Chicago.  Not going to lie… this car looks GOOOOOD in person!  I’ve added this to my Christmas list for those who aren’t sure what to get me this year.

Porsche Panamera Parked on the Street
Porsche Panamera Parked on the Street

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  1. This does look better than any other picture I’ve seen of it.

  2. Great picture!

    The Panamera is just like that somkin’ hot cheerleader in school that always said, “Don’t take my picture it makes my ass look fat!”

    Once you see “her” in person you’ll fall head over heels.

    “Yeah you gots a big butt, but that’s why I love you baby.”

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